Price List 

We are happy to discuss any sized repair work with you from a simple gear cable replacement and set up to a full overhaul of your pride and joy.

Isn't it annoying when you get faced with a whole list of spares which add to the cost? Wrekin Cycle Works will work to repair and fix everything we can first without the need for charging for unnecessary parts. If something can be cleaned, repaired and re vitalised, we will. Only if this can't be done, will we advise on replacement cost options.

Wrekin Cycle Works offer both an onsite repair service where possible, otherwise, your bike will be collected and re delivered when the work is completed.

Below is an example list of common repairs and services, however, please call or message to discuss your requirements.

Labour & Call out

Labour Charge                                                   Minimum £10.00

                                                                           Per Hour £30.00


Collection/Delivery                                                              £5.00

Outside of area may cost a little more


Puncture inc. new tube and fitting                                      £10.00


Cable brake tune - rim or disc, Front or Rear                      £20.00

Add new inner & outer cables if required                            £30.00

Hydraulic Brake Bleed - each end                                      £15.00 

To include clean and scuff pads and clean rotor                +£5.00

To fit new pads (Labour only)                                              £10.00



Gear tune up Front or rear                                                  £10.00

Gear tune up with new inner & outer cables fitted              £18.00

Complete drive train de-grease, clean and lube                 £10.00

Headset & Bottom Bracket

Headset Service                                                        From £10.00

Headset installation (Labour only)                                       £15.00

Bottom Bracket service                                             From £10.00

Bottom Bracket installation (Labour only)                          £15.00              



​Hub service                                                                From £10.00

Seals and bearings extra as required  Please contact for quote on specific hub               


Wheel true                                                                 From £10.00

Bar tape fitting  (Labour only)                                              £10.00

Bar tape extra as required dependant on type

MTB suspension bearings

Multi link frame strip down & re build                                  £50.00

Bearings extra dependant on frame                     

Service packages

Bronze Level service to include the following              £40.00

  • Tyres & pressure checked

  • Chain checked for wear, clean, de-grease & lube

  • Cables checked, cleaned & lubed

  • Brakes tuned

  • Gears tuned

  • Bolts checked

  • Seat post removed, cleaned and greased


Any required parts and cost advised before hand

Silver Level service to include the following                 £70.00

Everything listed on Bronze level plus:

  • New gear inner/outer cables

  • Wheels Trued


Any required parts and cost advised before hand



Gold Level service to include the following                £100.00 

A detailed and thorough service to make sure your bike is returned to you cleaned and in top running order.

Everything listed on Bronze & Silver level plus:


  • Bike cleaned

  • Bottom bracket Serviced

  • Headset Serviced

  • Hubs serviced

  • Brakes bled or cables replaced


Any required parts and cost advised before hand